Gameplay site goes down

Company Web site vanishes barely a month after the announcement that it would lay off most of its staff
Written by Matthew Broersma, Contributor

The Web site of venerable UK e-commerce operation Gameplay has apparently ceased operating, following the company's announcement two weeks ago that it would lay off most of its remaining staff.

Gameplay recently sold its Spanish operations to Electronics Boutique, and said it would keep a few members of staff on to sell the company's remaining assets.

As of Thursday morning, a browser pointing to the company's Web site returned an error message. Gameplay's store on the Yahoo! Web site is still available, however.

Gameplay was founded in 1995 as a computer games delivery service by Dylan Wilk, then a schoolboy, and its fortunes soared when dot-com fever gripped Britain two years ago.

But Gameplay has suffered along with the dot-com market. Last month the company revealed soaring losses for the second half of last year, up to £54.4m compared with £10.4m the year before, and said it was looking to sell off all or part of the company. In February Gameplay laid off 275 staff.

The company said a small team will remain on board to continue searching for buyers.

Gameplay shares fell 0.75p in mid-morning trading to 3.25p.

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