Garmin introduces Vivosmart 4: Slim activity tracker with advanced sleep tracking through pulse oxygen sensor

Garmin has been making serious strides to provide more details on sleep quality and this latest activity tracker includes four sleep stages along with blood oxygen saturation gauging.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

A couple of months ago, Garmin rolled out support for advanced sleep monitoring that includes awake time, light sleep, deep sleep, and REM stage. While my new high end Garmin Fenix 5 Plus supports this functionality, it is great to see Garmin launch the affordable Vivosmart 4 for the masses.

The only other Garmin device currently with the Pulse Ox sensor to measure blood oxygen saturation is the highest end Fenix 5X Plus. The new Vivosmart 4 has this sensor, but rather than focusing on high altitude training monitoring, the sensor is being used to help Garmin better define sleep quality.

The Vivosmart 4 is available in multiple colors with metal trim accents in silver, gold, and rose gold. It is safe for the pool and shower with a battery life of up to seven days.

It has a redesigned Elevate heart-rate sensor, abnormal heart rate alerts, VO2 max support, all-day stress tracking with relax reminders, and more. Basic smartwatch notifications are provided and you can even reply with preset messages if you are connected to an Android phone.

Image: Garmin

Dan Bartel, Garmin VP of global consumer sales, stated:

Sleep quality plays a critical role in your overall physical health. Poor sleep quality may contribute to the development of significant chronic conditions. With its slim design, the vívosmart 4 is comfortable to wear at night and pulse ox provides customers with information they can use to improve their health.

A new function called Body Battery is being introduced on the Vivosmart 4. The Vivosmart 4 uses a combination of stress, HRV, sleep, and activity to assign a Body Battery number throughout the day. A higher number means it is a good time to exercise while a lower number may mean you need to rest up. It is an interesting metric and I am now curious if this will come to other Garmin wearables.

The Garmin Vivosmart 4 will launch for $129.99. Colors include berry with a gold bezel, powder grey with a rose gold bezel, black with a slate bezel, and azure blue with a silver bezel.

Garmin also announced five new colors of the Vivomove HR and a Vivoactive 3 Music wearable in granite blue and rose gold.

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