Garmin iQue 3600

Handhelds have featured built-in cameras and phones before, but Garmin's iQue 3600 is the first to integrate a GPS receiver. Here's a preview.
Written by Roger Hibbert, Contributor
Getting lost just got a lot harder. Garmin has begun shipping its long-awaited iQue 3600, a Palm-based handheld with an integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. Load up your maps and connect to a few satellites, and you are found. We just got our hands on a review unit; here are our initial impressions.

Garmin iQue 3600: a Palm OS handheld with integrated GPS receiver.
The benefits of the integrated GPS are obvious, but we found that the device’s maps also included useful information on banks, restaurants and other points of interest. The iQue 3600 is equipped with a 200MHz processor, 32MB of RAM, Palm OS 5.2.1 and a Secure Digital (SD) expansion slot. We also liked the bright, 320 by 480 pixel transflective display, the microphone, the integrated speaker and the headphone jack (for listening to MP3s or turn-by-turn voice directions). The unit’s £699 list price is a bit steep, although resellers are already asking for less. The battery is not user-replaceable, and the software and maps take a long time to install.

We think the iQue 3600 has a lot going for it, albeit with relatively minor drawbacks. This looks like a great tool to appease your inner event planner and navigator -- but check back with us in a week or so and read our full, in-depth review.
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