Gateway signs-up Yahoo! for personalised portal.

PC maker Gateway has joined forces with Yahoo to create a pre-configured portal start-up page for Gateway.net subscribers.
Written by Marc Ambasna Jones, Contributor

Called Gateway My Yahoo! the service enables users to personalise content as well as gain quick access to Gateway's technical support team, Gateway.com, Gateway.net account information and an Internet tutorial.

Through Gateway's agreement with Yahoo!, the company anticipates that new Gateway.net subscribers will begin receiving their PC systems Internet-ready with their registration process synchronised between gateway.net and Yahoo! within the first quarter of 1999.

Subscribers get access to Yahoo's complete range of services and content and have the ability to tailor it to personal tastes.

Gateway chairman Ted Waitt said that this was indicative of Gateway's "personalised approach" to marketing and added that for new Internet users it offered a one-stop window onto the Internet

Gateway My Yahoo! is the latest development in a string of events concerning portal sites and content managers.

The Internet portal market is consolidating and more portal firms are starting to strike deals with manufacturers and ISPs. Lycos and Excite are just two of the many names that have been active in looking for vendor alliances.

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