GE, Advanced Telemetry partner on home energy management

General Electric will use Advanced Telemetry's home energy management system in a project to build green residences.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

General Electric announced on Tuesday that it will use a home energy management product by San Diego, Calif.-based Advanced Telemetry for a project that aims to build green homes.

The product, called "EcoView Residential," uses real-time feedback via a wireless, Web-enabled touchscreen display to help homeowners understand their energy consumption. By doing so, customers tend to reduce consumption by 5 to 15 percent, the company says.

The product is being used for a General Electric project where it is working with select home builders and developers to design homes that achieve at least a 20 percent reduction in household energy usage, indoor water consumption and overall carbon emissions compared to a conventional new home.

For consumers, EcoView leverages a smart meter by informing to save money.

For utility companies, EcoView promises to smooth demand to ease pressure on the power grid and improve reliability.

The product is relatively inexpensive, easy to install (less than two hours, the company says) and scales. It's just one part of these special homes, which will be stocked with GE's Energy Star-rated appliances and lights.

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