GE Healthcare partners with start-up to revolutionize cloud-based care

Clinicians can now access images and reports, and remotely collaborate with other physicians via the cloud with this new partnership.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Cloud based medical imaging company Trice Imaging has announced a partnership with GE Healthcare.

This partnership will add cloud-based image sharing, diagnostic collaboration, remote reviewing, archiving and Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration to GE Healthcare's Ultrasound Women's Health product portfolio.

The cloud-based solution, Tricefy, is available in certain countries and regions. It enables physicians to collaborate through one-click ultrasound sharing, and secure archiving.

Ultrasound scans can now be sent from any imaging device directly to a mobile device. Patients receive high-quality images that they can print, store, publish, share with family and friends, or send to doctors for a second opinion.

Tricefy integrates into existing medical systems, saving on implementation costs, and eliminating the need for DVDs or thumb drives.

Storing this type medical imaging information in the cloud helps clinicians to collaborate with remote colleagues and quickly share examination results with patients.

Within moments, a doctor can consult with a referral source or send the images to remote paediatric colleagues and cardiologists prior to meeting with the patient.

Doctors can also provide images via mobile phone or tablet to patients almost instantaneously.

Clinicians and patients are increasingly demanding immediate access to medical imaging results. Patients can receive high quality images, videos and reports easily and directly on their phones during the course of a routine ultrasound exam.

Asa Nordgren, CEO and co-founder of Trice Imaging said: "With GE Healthcare, we look forward to exploring innovative ways to connect medical devices to the cloud and providing access to medical image data anytime, anywhere."

Receiving their baby's first images is among the most exciting moments for expectant parents. With this cloud base solution, the whole social network will be able to share the moment too.

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