GE launches new line of smart appliances

New products from GE will let you take control of your home energy consumption.
Written by Tyler Falk, Contributor

Back in 2010, SmartPlanet reported on GE's home energy management system that would give homeowners more control over the energy use of their appliances.

Fast forward two years and GE's product is ready for the consumer. The company announced recently that its Brillion line of smart appliances, along with its Nucleus Home Manager, are now available at more than 100 Sears locations throughout the northeast United States.

The Nucleus Home Manager allows you to track home energy consumption and, on Brillion-enabled products, control how much energy they use and when they are used. For example, with the new GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater (the first Brillion-enabled appliance available), it saves you money by using the lowest amount of energy during peak times. It also saves energy in an eHeat mode that uses only 550 watts compared with 4500 watts in standard mode. Obviously, if you need to increase your hot water needs, you can change the settings remotely from your computer or smartphone.

The first products available with Brillion technology are GE Get Connected Starter Kit (with the Nucleus Home Manager), GE's programmable thermostat, and the GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater.

Eventually, GE says, the Brillion products will give consumers control over 60 percent of their home energy usage.

“Providing a connected solution that allows consumers to take control of their home and gain insight, convenience and peace of mind to help them live more productive lives while saving money, will offer shoppers a unique solution that they can only get at Sears,” said Dave McCalpin, GE's appliances manager of home energy management.

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