Gear4 iPhone XS and XS Max case roundup: Protected by D3O with good looks and functionality

Most every iPhone owner I know has a case on their device. With the expensive iPhone XS Max and X devices, spending a few bucks on a protective case that looks good is money well spent.
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The Apple iPhone XS Max, see our full review, is a big, beautiful iPhone. With the large size and slick glass panels, it is also easy to drop. While it has Apple's strongest glass, putting this expensive phone in a case is a smart move.

Gear4 sent along several samples of its various case series for the iPhone XS Max and iPhone X/XS. Cases range in price from $39.99 to $59.99 with the use of D3O material being the focus of protection.

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D3O is used in helmets, gloves, and other protective gear used by soldiers, professional athletes, industrial workers, and motorcyclists. It provides a high level of impact protection to protect your iPhone XS Max/XS/X.

iPhone XS Max cases

Three Gear4 case options were sent along to test out the iPhone XS Max. One shows off your iPhone, another offers excellent grip and good protection, while the third offers advanced media functionality. Let's take a closer look at each one.

The Battersea case is available now in black and white for $49.99. I tested the black one that has orange highlights and a vibrant orange interior.

The back is textured TPU with ridges and a soft touch finish so you gain excellent grip with your iPhone in this case. The case has a drop resistant rating for up to 16 feet thanks to the extra D3O material incorporated into the design.

The volume buttons and right side button are raised so they are easily manipulated. The ringer switch opening is large enough for me to easily toggle the switch too. The back camera opening supports all iPhone photography with no compromise in quality.

Some people buy their iPhone for the color and don't want to cover it up with a case. The Piccadilly case is mostly clear with a band of color D3O material found just around the edges embedded in the TPU. Color options for this $39.99 case include black, white, and rose gold.

The Piccadilly case is drop resistant up to 10 feet and is very light without adding much bulk. Apple Pay and wireless charging work perfectly with this case.

The back clear polycarbonate material is a bit harder than the TPU material around the edges and is advertised as the material used in bullet-proof glass.

Long-time readers know I enjoy my smartphone kickstands since I use my phones on my commute and when traveling for business to watch media content. The Oxford case is a flip screen folio case with slots for credit cards. The front flap is used to prop up your iPhone XS Max for viewing media too.

The case is primarily composted of TPU material with D3O around the edges and a soft touch textured finish material to serve as the front flap. The front flap has a glossy plastic piece on the right edge that holds the front flap, with a couple credit cards, securely in place.

On the back of the case is a clear strip that extends down from the dual cameras to give the Oxford a rather unique look. The Oxford case is only available in black for $49.99.

Gear4 iPhone XS and XS Max cases: in pictures

iPhone X/XS cases

Gear4 has a number of different case options for the Apple iPhone XS and X, including many of the series we see for the iPhone XS Max. We tested the Platoon, Crystal Palace, and four different color designs of the Victoria case series.

In order to provide the highest level of protection for your iPhone X/XS, Gear4 has the Platoon casefor $59.99 that comes with a drop-resistant rating for up to 20 feet.

The Platoon design is a two-piece case with a three-layer back piece that is composed of polycarbonate, TPU, and D3O. The inside of the back has cool soft texture to protect the back of your iPhone.

A TPU bumper piece fits around the back assembly to add grip and more impact protection for your iPhone. The case is available in black. There are port covers for the ringer switch and Lightning port to provide more protection for your iPhone X/XS.

The Crystal Palace case is similar to the Piccadilly case with a focus on clear design to show off your iPhone. The design is a bit more seamless than the Piccadilly case and is very slim and sleek.

The Crystal Palace case also incorporates D3O technology and offers a drop resistant rating of up to 10 feet.

Four colors of the Victoria case series were provided for testing, including the Space, Tribal Leaf, Jungle, and Fabric. These Victoria cases are available now for $39.99.

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The Victoria has a 10 feet drop resistant rating with full support for wireless charging and Apple Pay. The case is a one-piece case that is very slim and light.

This is the first time I have ever tested out the Gear4 cases and I was very impressed by the level of drop protection that covers dropping your phone from your body with every case option. The cases are very well constructed, improve the grip of your iPhone, are light weight, have reasonable prices, and also come in a variety of styles to meet every need.

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