Geeky gift guide for grads

I wish I was graduating from somewhere - there's just too much good geeky stuff that should be bestowed upon graduates!
Written by Christopher Dawson, Contributor

If only there was a synonym of "for" that began with a "g", my alliterative masterpiece would be complete. Poetic devices aside, though, it's a great time to be graduating.  Not only is the recession coming to an end, so you might stand a chance of getting a job, but great tech toys abound, some of which aren't just toys but are must-haves for students headed to college and college grads headed for the real world.  Here's my essential gift guide for that geeky grad in your life.

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1. HTC Droid Incredible

A smartphone is essential gear and you might as well pick the coolest phone on the block on the network where you're most likely to get service, whether you're at a frat party at Dartmouth or sitting in Starbucks cold-calling for jobs in the want-ads.  With an 8MP camera built in, you don't even have to bother sending your kid to college with a dorky digital camera. I didn't include an iPhone here since, not only is it getting a bit long in the tooth, but it runs on AT&T exclusively for now.  Same for the HTC Evo 4G.  Unless you live in a fairly limited area, all that 4G coolness will be of little use to you.

2. Not an iPad

Seriously...don't even bother waiting to see what cool Android tablets crop up this summer. Because that's what they are: cool.  Sure, the grad upon whom you're bestowing this latest piece of techno-wizardry will oooh, ahhh, and be extraordinarily grateful. And then he'll need to go buy #3 to get some work done. Besides, he can watch videos, read books, surf the web, and otherwise consume media on #1.

3. A new thin, light CULV laptop

All-day battery life? Processors that spank the Core 2 Duos sitting in most desktops and laptops right now? Integrated, efficient, full HD graphics? And with the look and feel of a MacBook Air that's been taking a few GNC supplements? What's not to love? Might I recommend the Lenovo U460? With a 14" screen, it will be one of the larger CULVs and when it starts shipping in June will be fast, light, and uber-efficient.

4. A Mozy account

For the low, low price of only $4.95 a month, your grad will be able to back up everything from term papers to drunken photos she can't entrust to Facebook anymore using Mozy's online backup. Unlimited space and secure, cloud-based backups: sweet!

5. Their own domain

Facebook profiles come and go, but a domain is forever.  What better place to start really building a portfolio of work, a personal brand, a business, or anything in between?  It's easy and cheap to buy and set up a domain and most major hosts will offer simple setup of WordPress or another publishing platform so that your grad doesn't need any real technical skill to start building a professional site.

What will you be getting for the grad in your life? Talk back below and let us know.

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