Gender divide amongst e-shoppers

Shopping habits on the Web depend on the sex of users
Written by Wendy McAuliffe, Contributor

Different attitudes set men and women apart when shopping on the Net. according to research out this week.

The survey into user attitudes on the Internet -- conducted by Netpoll -- finds there is a clear gender divide when it comes to online shopping behaviour.

A staggering six million surfers are currently shopping online in the UK. Men are attracted by the 'gadget factor' of the Web. They are drawn in by the perceived technological potential of the Internet. Women are more interested in the convenience factor of shopping online.

Netpoll research shows that both sexes are happy to shop online but for different reasons. Men prefer to surf because it offers them a greater variety of products. Women, on the other hand, cite the ability to do the weekly food shop online as a key benefit of e-shopping. According to research published earlier this month by Which? Online 30 percent of people now regard online shops as a threat to bricks and mortar retailers

Men are more willing to take a risk when buying online, whereas women are more inclined to make an informed purchase decision and prefer to shop with e-tailers with a clear returns policy. Women are also more loyal, showing a tendency to stick with a favourite site that meets their purchasing needs.

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