Get a Doogee Mix unlocked 5.5-inch smartphone for $177.99

Great performance and a fabulous, nearly bezel-free AMOLED screen are among the highlights of this enterprise-ready GSM model.
Written by Rick Broida, Contributor

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Hands on with the Doogee Mix phone - great performance and fabulous screen display ZDnet

The Doogee Mix (right) offers a spacious 5.5-inch screen, but with a lot less bezel than models like the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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Looking to deploy new phones to the sales team? Engineering team? Some kind of team? You don't have to spend $400-500 or more per unit just to get features like a big screen, fingerprint sensor and all-day battery. If you're willing to consider a lesser-known brand, you can get all that for a lot less.

I'm referring to the Doogee Mix, yours via Amazon for $177.99 when you apply promo code VKGCTJ22 at checkout. It's a BBH-exclusive!

That price no doubt suggests a pretty low-end phone, but the Mix delivers considerable bang for the buck. Starting with the screen: It's a 5.5-inch Super-AMOLED job with Gorilla Glass 5 and almost no bezel. (It's razor-thin around the top and edges, but there is half an inch of frame at the bottom to accommodate the fingerprint sensor.)

I should note that the screen resolution probably sounds low: 1,280 x 720. Honestly, I don't get why anyone needs more. Text looks razor-sharp, even when it's tiny. Videos look splendid. I'm not making excuses for the lower-than-typical resolution, merely saying that fewer pixels to light means better battery life, with no discernible loss in image quality. It's a 5.5-inch screen, people!

And speaking of the battery, it's a big one: 3,380mAh. To put that in perspective, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 employs a 3,300mAh battery. Needless to say, the Mix should last you all day and then some. Alas, it relies on old-school microUSB for charging (though at least it supports Quick Charge), and doesn't support wireless power.

The Mix is an unlocked 4G LTE phone designed for GSM networks. Its SIM-card slot can accommodate two nano SIMs or one and a microSD card -- assuming the impressive 64GB of onboard storage isn't quite enough.

The phone runs on a 2.5GHz MediaTek Helio P25 octa-core processor with 4GB of RAM. Doogee stocks it with a slightly modded version of Android 7.0.

There's more I could tell you, including mentioning the dual rear cameras (which can do a pretty sweet Bokeh), but let me instead refer you to ZDNet's review of the Doogee Mix. TL;DR: "I was impressed by the build quality and performance of this phone."

I'm in the same camp. There are a few annoying UI issues, most notably pertaining to battered English (and a weather app I can't seem to switch to Fahrenheit from Celcius), but the phone feels extremely solid and offers most of the features a modern user needs -- including that enterprise-friendly fingerprint security.

The icing on the cake, of course, is the $178 price tag. You could deploy three of these phones for less than the price of one current-gen Samsung Galaxy.

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