Get EverNote or ritePen for free

Submitting a sample of your handwriting is now worth at least US$30 as you can get ritePen or EverNote for free. Both of these applications will enhance your Tablet PC experience.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

One thing I don't like about the Tablet PC OS is that you can't handwrite anywhere on the display like you may think you could, but you have to write in the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) box. However, when I had a Fujitsu T4010 Tablet PC a couple years ago I discovered ritePen and now have that loaded up on my Samsung Q1 UMPC Tablet. ritePen is an excellent handwriting alternative/supplement for Tablet PC users and I highly recommend you try it out. Another product from the EverNote company is their note-taking application, EverNote, that is available in a Plus and a free version. I actually have been using EverNote quite a bit on my UMPC lately to jot down notes and collect and compile information I want to save.

I just read on jkOnTheRun that you can get one of these two amazing products for free with a little work on your part. They occasionally collect handwriting samples from the public to continue to improve their handwriting recognition engine and if you participate in the handwriting sample submission you get to choose either EverNote or ritePen. So follow the directions and get your handwriting submission in soon while the offer is available. BTW, EverNote Plus costs US$34.95 and ritePen costs US$29.95 so taking just a couple of minutes to help them gather data is worth your time.

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