Get SlingPlayer Mobile for free with a Slingbox purchase

SlingPlayer Mobile runs on both Pocket PC and Windows Mobile Smartphone devices and for a limited time you can get one of these US$29.99 products for free when you buy a Slingbox. SlingPlayer Mobile allows you to take your home TV on the road with you wherever you get a wireless data signal.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I am a huge fan of the Slingbox device and actually just used it quite a bit on my last business trip to watch some of my recorded content stored on my Comcast DVR since there was nothing much on the hotel TV station. Brian just sent me a press release that states all customers who buy and register a Slingbox between August 15th and September 16th will receive a free registration key for either SlingPlayer Mobile for Pocket PC or for Windows Mobile Smartphone. These are both products sold for US$29.99 each so that is a nice deal. I have used SlingPlayer Mobile on both a Pocket PC and an i-mate SP5m Smartphone and find it to be a great mobile experience. Having SlingPlayer Mobile on my Dell Axim X51v lets me take TV anywhere in my house in case I want to wash dishes or do another chore and follow my favorite team on TV.

As part of this press release, Sling Media announced the latest release of SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Smartphones that now has full support for the Motorola Q landscape smartphone. With a Verizon EVDO data plan, SlingPlayer rocks while you are out and about. I have actually used SlingPlayer on my SP5m connected via T-Mobile's EDGE data network and although there was occasional skipping it was still a viewable experience. I can't wait until T-Mobile gets a 3G network up and running though. There are 30 day trial versions of both of these SlingPlayer products so you can see which one you would use more and select one for free when you buy a Slingbox in the next month.
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