Get your own jet pack!

Glenn Martin has created a $75,000 jet pack. With millions of dollars in investments, his 30-year dream is becoming a reality.
Written by Boonsri Dickinson, Contributing Editor

Thanks to Glenn Martin, you can own a jet pack for about $75,000.

It's light weight, so you don't need a pilot's license. All you need to do is put in 40 solid minutes of training. As as long as you have some coordination skills, you could be flying in no time.

Enter The Martin Jetpack, a 200-horsepower, dual-propeller flying device that runs up to 60 mph on a five-gallon tank of gas, giving its passenger a 30-minute joyride.

The only unappealing thing about the jet pack is the obnoxious noise it makes. But I can imagine how fun it would be to fly. While the jet pack in this video doesn't really take off, the newest model can lift you 1.5 miles into the air.

Martin's 30 year hobby is just now entering pre-production somewhere in New Zealand, thanks to a multi-million dollar investment.

And there is already a waiting list.

Beyond satisfying people's dreams of flying, the jet packs might have a more practical use in the military or be used as a rescue vehicle in emergency situations.

Image: Martin Aircraft Company

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