GetSatisfaction moving up the food chain

GetSatisfaction is a consumer flavored play. Right? Sort of. It is now making moves on the enterprise and looking to integration as the hook that delivers value.
Written by Dennis Howlett, Contributor

I've long been a fan of GetSatisfaction. Three years ago I recommended the service to a start up and have had no regrets. I like its ability to transparently engage end users, encourage early feedback and help influence developer agendas. I continue to recommend it to those looking for what I term an early warning support system.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to catch up with Jeff Nolan, the company's newly minted VP product marketing. Jeff and I go back some years to his time at SAP. He's an extremely smart but well grounded person with whom I've enjoyed many a robust discussion.

My sense is that GetSatisfaction is more a business to consumer play with bones being thrown in the enterprise direction. While Jeff confirmed that as true with examples like Zappos and Mint thrown into the discussion, I wanted to get his take on the enterprise perspective.

I was surprised to learn that GetSatisfaction has its hooks into Salesforce.com, RightNow and others. In the video I recorded, Jeff talks about GetSatisfaction's broad positioning, what it means for enterprise players and the importance of integrating socialised services like GetSatisfaction into the processes that underpin sales, marketing and support services. He also talks about SEO benefits and other hard dollar advantages from culling community content across multiple domains.

It is relatively early days but the company is taking the 'social' and enterprise content management stories into the enterprise in a considered and value add manner. It is one of only a handful of vendors that meet my criteria of 'content, context and process' for the new class of socially oriented solutions.

Given Jeff's past experience which includes time spent at Newsgator, I expect to see GetSatisfaction become an important player in the socialised CRM space on both sides of the consumer and enterprise spectrum.

The video runs 7mins 54 secs. Enjoy.

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