Global semiconductor sales down 1.3 percent since February

Smartphone and tablet sales later in the year could show a positive increase in global semiconductor sales.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Global sales in semiconductors have declined by 1.3 percent from last month, according to figures from the Semiconductor Industry Association, which represents U.S. leadership in design and manufacturing.

Worldwide sales were $22.9 billion in February, down from $23.2 billion in January. This shows a 7.3 percent decline year on year, while the Americas continue to show positive growth at 1.1 percent over the last month.

U.S. economic recovery has helped the sales along job growth in the country, while the global picture shows an overall decline. Sluggish economies in Asia and Europe are thought to be one of the main factors in the decline in sales, alongside ongoing problems in the Japan region post the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Only last month, it was noted that the semiconductor industry in Japan continues to show problems and issues in the wake of last year's disaster, which has had a knock-on effect to the global chip and hard-drive market.

Sales are expected to increase throughout the year, with the first three months not expecting to represent the outlook for the year. With more smartphone and tablet products expected this year, sales are expected to rise in the coming months, and not be restricted to the U.S. only market.



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