Global Warming: Winners and Losers

Lake Chad joins list of GW's potential extinction victims.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

Let's face it, the earth is changing. As with any change, there are winners and losers. Shipping companies are loving the promise of open shipping lanes across the Arctic. The long dreamed-of Northwest Passage now exists in the Northern Hemisphere's summer. The new vineyards in Kent, Britain, love the warmer winters. Those Brant, ocean-going geese, must love not having to fly all the way south to Mexico from the Arctic. Winners all.

Not sure what this will mean but the iceless summers on the Arctic Ocean will produce much more swirling of waters and mixing of upper and lower water. Scientists can only point out this is a radical shift from the Arctic Ocean of say 100 years ago.


Alpine skiing is likely to become as extinct as Genghis Khan's Empire. Greenland is getting less white and much greener as the ice sheets retreat. And in Africa, they're losing a large lake. Lake Chad, once lapping and overlapping more nations, is disappearing. The lake's surface area is now one-tenth of what it was fifty years ago. Fishermen and farmers, once lakeside dwellers, are now victims of the encroaching Sahara and everlasting drought. Do you wonder if any of those people are global warming deniers?

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