Globalization of smog

Air pollution: what goes around, comes around.

I recently blogged about the EPA trying to tighten regulation of ozone, or ground level smog. Many counties in the U.S. will soon be in violation of the Clean Air Act. Now comes research that indicates local governments may have limited control over total smog levels. Some of it's coming our way from east Asia. And research indicates there is more ozone coming into America is increasing. It's much like water pollution flowing downstream, or toxics seeping into the groundwater.

Earlier research found that as much as one-eighth of all air pollution in the western U.S. is "imported." However, there are those in India saying the path of the pollutants has not been established. Meanwhile in some parts of Asia homegrown air pollution is becoming a public issue.


After the Democrats lost their hold on a filibuster-proof majority in the U.S. Senate it seems unlikely there'll be any Congressional action on air pollution and greenhouse gases this year. And there will be a political showdown on the EPA's intention to regulate greenhouse gases. The two Senators leading the move against the EPA's power to regulate carbon emissions are from those gresat oil states: Alaska and Louisiana.