Gmail is getting a redesign that includes a 'Confidential Mode'

Double down on privacy: In the coming weeks, Google will roll out an early access program for a redesigned Gmail version, a memo says.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

Gmail is getting a redesign and new features in the coming weeks, Google confirmed after a leaked G Suite memo and screenshots hit the web.

The new version of Gmail will include the ability to snooze emails, indirect Google Calendar access, and desktop smart replies, leaked screenshots from The Verge show.

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The new Gmail will also include a "Confidential Mode" that stops email recipients from forwarding certain emails, screenshots show. It also restricts the ability to copy, download, or print them.

Leaked Gmail screenshots show a confidential mode. (Image: The Verge)

Google will offer Gmail users the ability to try the redesign through an early access program in the coming weeks, the memo said. A Google spokesperson told TechCrunch:

"We're working on some major updates to Gmail (they're still in draft phase). We need a bit more time to compose ourselves, so can't share anything yet -- archive this for now, and we'll let you know when it's time to hit send.

Many of Gmail's new features were found in Google's Inbox email project. Smart replies were previously available through the Gmail app on iOS and Android.

(Image: The Verge)

Google previously beefed up Gmail's privacy features in 2017 when it stopped scanning Gmail content to better serve you with advertisements.

Google didn't detail a timeline for the Gmail update beyond the memo. Google is holding its I/O conference on May 8, where it traditionally makes product announcements to developers.

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