Google acquires Phonetic Arts for voice technology

The web giant has purchased a Cambridge-based firm specialising in speech synthesis, with a view to creating enhanced, naturalistic computer speech
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google announced on Friday that it has acquired Phonetic Arts, a Cambridge-based outfit that focuses on speech synthesis.

Google's plan is to use Phonetic Arts's technology to enhance computer voices. The technology could have a number of applications, from Google Translate to Android devices and web searches.

Phonetic Arts image

Cambridge-based Phonetic Arts specialises in speech synthesis, and produces programs including voice creation software. Photo credit: Comscore/ZDNet.com

In a blog post, Google said Phonetic Arts researchers and engineers will strive to deliver natural computer speech from small samples of recorded voice. Phonetic Arts has a series of products ranging from PA Studio, for voice creation; Composer, which combines recordings to make new sentences; and Generator, which takes text and turns it into sound.

This story originally appeared as Google acquires Phonetic Arts, aims to improve robo voices on ZDNet.com.

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