Google adds more data loss prevention tools to Google At Work

Optical character recognition for images and more refined policies and settings will be added to Google At Work's DLP tools.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor on

Google has added optical character recognition and predefined content detectors to its data loss prevention tools for Google At Work's Gmail service.

In December, Google outlined how it would bring data loss prevention (DLP) features to Google At Work starting with Gmail and ultimately reaching Drive.

Google outlined the features at the RSA conference in San Francisco.

The new features include:

  • Optical character recognition to be used to spot sensitive data in scanned copy and images. DLP policies can now analyze image types and extract text. Admins can enable the tool across an enterprise to meet compliance rules.
  • Predefined content detectors. Google will provide DLP policy templates and detectors to spot personally identifiable information in various countries. HIPAA will also be covered.
  • Additional DLP controls to cut false positives including parameters for counts and confidence of detection terms.

Here's a look at the dashboard.

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