Google ads will be customized for you using generative AI

Following a series of AI announcements made at Google I/O, Google continues adapting AI across its platforms.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Google ads with generative AI

Generative AI is actively changing the way things are done, including online advertising. A growing number of businesses are turning to generative AI to support their commercial and marketing goals.

For instance, Meta added generative AI tools to its ads and Bing introduced ads into its massively popular AI chatbot Bing Chat. Now Google joins the list.

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AI has always been a part of Google Ads, but now Google is introducing generative AI advancements to the platform. 

Google is adding a conversational experience within Google Ads to help businesses get their campaigns out the door quicker and more efficiently.

Using this tool, businesses can ask Google AI for ideas to jumpstart their creative projects and even have it generate keywords, headlines, descriptions, images, and other campaign assets, according to Google. 

Google also is supercharging its automatically created assets (ACA), which use content from a business's landing pages and ads with generative AI. Now ACA will be able to create and adapt Google Search ads based on what a user inputs into the search query. 

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For example, Google says that if someone searches for "skin care for dry sensitive skin" Google AI can use a business's content and existing ads to create a new query that better matches the search. 

Google custom ads

In this case, the ad's revised headline would say  "Soothe Your Dry, Sensitive Skin" to better align with the search. 

Personalized ads can help businesses better reach their audience and help consumers find what they need more easily. The manipulation of headlines to say what the user wants to hear does raise the question of whether the ad is actually fit to meet the user's needs or just being made to appear that way.  

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Lastly, Google is incorporating generative AI in Performance Max ad campaigns to assist businesses in the creation of custom assets. This feature will also be available in the new conversational experience in Google Ads. 

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