Google and eBay CEOs embrace partnering for profits

Google CEO Schmidt and eBay CEO Whitman reaffirm that joint profit opportunitites trump competitive tensions in the eBay PayPal vs. Google Checkout game.
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

Google CEO Eric Schmidt and eBay CEO Meg Whitman reaffirmed that profits to be jointly made by the two Internet powerhouses trump any competitive tensions in the online payments eBay PayPal vs. Google Checkout arena.

Google and eBay CEOs announced today a "Multi-Year Agreement to Connect Users, Merchants, and Advertisers Around the Globe."


Schmidt said of eBay and the new collaboration:

This agreement underscores how much we value eBay as a partner. Our technologies will allow us to connect users to relevant advertising across eBay's international properties. By working together to promote click-to-call functionality through Google Talk and Skype, we are offering advertisers another innovative way to connect with customers.

Whitman said of Google and the new collaboration:

We're pleased to expand our long-standing relationship with Google to explore new market opportunities, like click-to-call advertising, that benefit both our communities of users. People continue to evolve how they shop, communicate and advertise online. By combining the power of eBay in ecommerce and Skype in communications with Google's leadership in search and advertising, we can increase the usefulness of the Internet for shoppers, merchants and advertisers around the world.

Specifics of the Google-eBay collaboration:

Search and Advertising on eBay Sites Outside the U.S.
Google will become the exclusive provider of text-based advertising on eBay outside the United States.

Click-to-Cal" Advertising and Technology Integration
Google and eBay plan to integrate and launch click-to-call advertising functionality within eBay's U.S. and international marketplaces and Google's search platform. The click-to-call capability will allow a user to click on a link or icon within a product or service advertisement to initiate an Internet voice call to participating eBay merchants or Google advertisers directly from either company's respective sites, using Skype or Google Talk...

The companies plan to begin testing the text-based advertising and click-to-call initiatives in early 2007 that will be evaluated over a period of several months. The specific components and timing of implementation will depend upon initial test results, and will vary by market, largely driven by local dynamics and joint capabilities...

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