Google Android: A market share vacuum cleaner

The comScore numbers for July are in and Google, still marching strong with its Android army, seems to be stealing market share from everyone except for Palm
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

RIM and Apple may lead the pack in mobile phone market share but once again, Google is coming up strong with its Android devices, closing in fast on the headstart advantage that the others once had. And at least in the U.S. it seems to be sucking up everyone else's market share.

According to comScore data released today, Google's Android was the only smartphone platform to see a gain in the number of subscribers in the U.S. - coming in at 17 percent of market share in July, a 5 percent gain from April.

RIM, which ended the period with a 39.3 percent market share, and Apple, which ended with 23.8 percent, both saw declines in the three-month period, down 1.8 percent and 1.3 percent, respectively. Microsoft was down 2.2 percent to end with 11.8 percent share while Palm ended flat, just shy of 5 percent of share.

The research firm also looked at the thing that mobile users - not just smartphone users - do with their devices. Browser usage jumped 2.5 percent to reach 33.6 percent of users while accessing a social network or blog gained 1.9 percent, now at 21.8 percent.

The report also saw Samsung widen its lead over LG for subscribers. Samsung's 1 percent gain gives it 23.1 percent of the market while LG slipped more than one-half of one percent, down to 21.2 percent. Motorola saw the largest decline, 1.8 percent, bringing it down to less than 20 percent of markst share.

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