Google Android Contest Buys Mobile Developer Silence?

Google Android Contest Buys Mobile Developer Silence?By Eric Everson, Founder – MyMobiSafe.
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Google Android Contest Buys Mobile Developer Silence? By Eric Everson, Founder – MyMobiSafe.com

What happens when a prize company like Google dangles $10 Million in front of a hungry group of mobile application developers?

As fate might have it, everyone drops off the face of the earth. With the start of the Google Android contest in clear view, the developers have all disappeared. Perhaps the $10M prize may just be the grand opportunity for an aspiring developer to leap from mom’s basement to the major league.

Since the contest details were released the mobile application developer chat rooms and forum circuit have become much less collaborative. Then again, if you share too much at this stage you might just wind up losing your $10M Google meal ticket. Where the massages boards where lit up before, the Android SDK has brought a certain “calm before the storm” to the net.

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