Google App Engine has a Friday fail

Google's platform-as-a-service had major problems on Friday, with its three supported languages - Python, Java and Go - registering anomalies in service across the world.

Google App Engine, the company's platform-as-a-service, went down on Friday for many customers.

The cloud service began having problems on Friday afternoon. As of 16:44 BST, the service was reporting anomalies (pictured) for the performance of its three supported languages - Python, Java and Go - and was also showing problems for Memcache.

Google's PaaS had problems on Friday afternoon Image: Jack Clark

"We saw it a little bit more than an hour ago, when we saw that the ability rating was dropping pretty fast," Stephane Enten, vice president of services at European cloud-monitoring company Cedexis, told me at 16:50pm in London. "Here we saw that the ability was dropping to zero globally - it's pretty severe. I think it's very rare for these kind of services to go completely down. As of a few minutes ago, it started coming back."

Many companies tweeted that their own services were down as a consequence of Google App Engine's failure, highlighting the cat's cradle of interdependencies that modern cloud computing entails. 

Services from companies such as A/B testing provider Optimizely, messaging and collaboration specialist Promevo and games company Humble were all affected as a consequence. 

It is not unusual for major clouds to go down, and Google App Engine's failure can be read as another clear sign that, as Google says, " at scale, everything breaks ".

As of 17:12pm, the service's status page was unavailable.