Google Apps adds anti-spam: Student email war continues

Google Apps users now has counter-spam features. Microsoft is trailing behind with anti-virus features expected soon, but shooting fast ahead with overall users.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Google Apps will now contain an anti-spam feature using Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) to sign outgoing messages as a method of authentication. Ordinary Gmail has had this for some time, but Google Apps has finally caught up.

This means users of Google Apps, including school and university users have the option, if their organisation supports it, to add an extra layer of protection to their inboxes enabling their messages to easily slip through Google's spam filter. 

In short, it means more genuine emails will pass through the spam filters unharmed and dejunked.


But Microsoft's competing and succeeding email client, Live@edu does not support lacking this industry in their cloud offering, where a non-hosted Exchange server does. But Live@edu, soon to be Office 365 for Education, has another trick up its sleeve instead.

As Mary Jo Foley reported just before Christmas, before the transition to Office 365 for Education, Forefront technology will be plugged into the cloud in the form of spam and anti-virus management.

In both cases, however, spam email still remains a problem even though this past month overall spam levels have been significantly lower. Why didn't Google and Microsoft do anything about this sooner?

The email wars continue...

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