Google Apps extends enterprise agreement promotion to smaller companies

The move, clearly aimed at Microsoft Office 365, aims to poach smaller companies currently with enterprise agreements.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google said it is aiming to grab more midmarket customers for Google Apps as it expands and extends a promotion for companies that are in current enterprise licensing agreements.

In October, Google dangled a promotion where it would enable companies in enterprise deals with other providers (think Microsoft Office 365) to move for free. Google would offer migration services for companies who weren't under a contract.

Now Google plans to extend that promotion through the end of 2016 and expand it for midmarket companies. In a blog post, Google said it has added 200,000 additional users since launching the promotion.

For the midmarket, Google said its program will now cover companies with 100 to 3,000 employees who have an enterprise agreement elsewhere. The previous target was companies with 250 to 3,000 employees.

Google said there are also deployment vouchers for companies with as few as 100 users. Midmarket customers will also get a security workshop via its partner network.

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