Google brings commercial Kubernetes applications to GCP marketplace

The offering simplifies the adoption of container-based infrastructure and underscores Google's commitment to multi-cloud solutions.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Google on Wednesday announced it's offering production-ready commercial Kubernetes applications via the GCP Marketplace (formerly known as Cloud Launcher).

Now that Kubernetes is at a level of maturity where more organizations are using it in production, there's interest in finding containerized applications that are easy to deploy in a managed Kubernetes environment, Google Cloud's Jennifer Lin told ZDNet. At the same time, software producers are increasingly defining their applications in a cloud-native way.

Given those two realities, Google saw a market opportunity, Lin said, to facilitate the discovery, provisioning and deployment of those applications.

Customers can deploy the applications on Kubernetes clusters running on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google Kubernetes Engine, on-premise or other public clouds.

"We're signaling to enterprise customers we believe hybrid and multi-cloud are here to stay," Lin said. "We don't think there's any one vendor that's going to take it all."

The Kubernetes applications listed on GCP Marketplace are all tested and vetted by Google. They include Aqua Security, Couchbase, Aerospike, DataStax, Neo4j, GitLab and Kasten.

Additionally, charges for the apps are consolidated and billed through GCP, no matter where they are deployed.

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