Google Calendar gets new business features

An updated version of Google Calendar for the web makes it easier for enterprise teams to schedule meetings.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer
(Image: Google)

Google's G Suite team on Tuesday announced a series of updates to Google Calendar for the web, making it easier for enterprise teams to schedule meetings.

With the new web version, G Suite admins can add detailed information into Calendar about meeting rooms, giving employees context about where their meetings are taking place, whether the room has audio/video equipment or wheelchair accessibility, or how large it is.

Users can also now add rich formatting and hyperlinks to Calendar invites, so meeting attendees can access relevant meeting materials like spreadsheets or documents directly from the "Event Detail" section of Calendar. Users can also now see contact information for meeting participants when they hover over their names in an invite.

(Image: Google)

For employees managing multiple calendars, such as administrative assistants, Google's made it easier to view and manage multiple calendars at once, with a side-by-side "Day" view.

Along with the new features, Google Calendar for the web also includes a more modern color palette, in keeping with Calendar's mobile design, as well as a layout that auto-adjusts to screen size.

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