Google CEO likes AOL, eBay, Apple, Sun but not Microsoft, Yahoo

Over the past 12 months, Google has announced strategic relationships with a bevy of fellow technology titans, while Microsoft and Yahoo remain on Google’s “do not call
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor
Google CEO Eric Schmidt enjoys collaborating (for now) with AOL, eBay, Apple and Sun, but not with Microsoft or Yahoo. Over the past 12 months, Google has announced strategic relationships with a bevy of fellow technology titans, while Microsoft and Yahoo remain on Google’s “do not call” list.

Here is a recap of Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s collaborative, competitive moves:

Google CEO Dr. Eric Schmidt Joins Apple’s Board of Directors (August 29, 2006)

Dr. Eric Schmidt, chief executive officer of Google, was elected to Apple’s board of directors at their meeting today.

Apple is one of the companies in the world that I most admire, said Eric Schmidt. I'm really looking forward to working with Steve and Apple’s board to help with all of the amazing things Apple is doing.

Google and eBay Sign Multi-Year Agreement to Connect Users, Merchants, and Advertisers Around the Globe (August 28, 2006)

Search and Advertising on eBay Sites Outside the U.S.

'Click-to-Call' Advertising and Technology Integration

This agreement underscores how much we value eBay as a partner, said Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. Our technologies will allow us to connect users to relevant advertising across eBay's international properties. By working together to promote click-to-call functionality through Google Talk and Skype, we are offering advertisers another innovative way to connect with customers.

Time Warner's AOL and Google to Expand Strategic Alliance (December 20, 2005)

Creating Global Advertising Partnership

Google to Invest $1 Billion for a 5% Stake in AOL

Companies to Collaborate on Online Video Offering and Make More AOL Content Available to Google Users

Google Talk Instant Messaging Software to Communicate With AIM Users

Google Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt said, AOL is one of Google's longest-standing partners, and we are thrilled to strengthen and expand our relationship. Today's agreement leverages technologies from both companies to connect Google users worldwide to a wealth of new content. We've also created a simple way for AOL Marketplace advertisers to buy and place search-related advertising across the AOL network. This partnership is an important next step for our companies.

Sun and Google Expand Technology Reach And Global Opportunity (October 4, 2005)

Multi-year, Strategic Agreement Promotes Java Technology and Google Toolbar

Google and Java are two of the most widely recognized technology brands because they provide users with online tools that enhance their lives on a day to day basis. The Google Toolbar offers useful Internet search services while Java enables richer interactive content. We look forward to exploring other related areas of collaboration, said Eric Schmidt, chief executive officer of Google.


On competitive threats of Yahoo and Microsoft (presentation to publishing executives, June 15, 2006):

Both strong and good competitors. Today, Yahoo is our primary competitor…

They have a strong advertising network of roughly the same age as ours…We encounter them competitively everyday.

We always worry about Microsoft because of its history. Microsoft today is not in direct competition in the deals that we are in although they aspire to be…

A lot depends on how each company executes but we treat them both as significant long term competitors and we expect that to continue.

On Microsoft (investor conference call, May 31, 2006):

Vista is scheduled to ship in 2007, and we'll see how it actually comes out. There's a lot of opportunity for Microsoft to change what they are doing based on customer feedback and other factors. As they currently reported, there is a default setting in Internet Explorer 7, which, if the default setting is not set, is then set to Microsoft Search.

We want to make sure that the use of the power of Windows is done in a correct and legally appropriate way. That's a concern…


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