Google CEO wants $74 billion TV ad market

Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes television viewers should not have to stand for tv commercials that are “a waste of your time.‿ What does he plan to do about it?
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor
Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes television viewers should not have to stand for tv commercials that are “a waste of your time.”

Schmidt is frustrated that “When you watch the television you see ads that are clearly not targeted for you.”

What does he plan to do about it?

Google is preparing to deliver “targeted measurable television ads” and Schmidt says Google has “a good shot at it.”

Schmidt expressed his enthusiasm for the $74 billion TV ad market at the Search Engine Strategies Conference earlier this month and described it as a:

Big opportunity to provide greater value to advertisers.

Schmidt believes Google should be “using our advertising system, our targetability, for every form of advertising.”

In “Google developing social and interactive television applications for 'mass personalization'” I present Google research on “Social and Interactive Television Applications”:

focused on using broadcast viewing to automatically present relevant information on a web browser…The system could keep up with users while they channel surf, presenting them with a real-time forum about a live political debate one minute and an ad-hoc chat room for a sporting event in the next. And, all of this would be done without users ever having to type or to even know the name of the program or channel being viewed.

Taking this further, we could collect snippets from the web describing the actors appearing in a movie or present maps of locales within the movie as it takes place (no matter if users are watching it as a live broadcast or as a recoded broadcast).

Google is currently recruiting software engineers for television applications:

Software Engineer, Television Technology - Mountain View. This position is based in Mountain View, CA. Multiple positions available in Mountain View, CA

Software Engineer, Television Technology - Seattle/Kirkland. Multiple positions available at our Seattle Engineering Center located in Kirkland, WA

Google's designs on the $74 billion TV ad market follow its targeting of the $20 billion plus radio ad market.

Google has recently integrated AdSense with its dMarc Broadcasting operations and believes it is on the cusp of “revolutionizing” the radio advertising business, and continuing to grow Google profits.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt, at last months Q2 earnings conference call, reconfirmed:

we are in the search business, so we need all of the information. We want to partner with people to get information so our search end users can see it.

We're also in the advertising business, and we'd like to provide advertising services to people who have their own proprietary content. So depending on where we are in that spectrum, we either do an advertising deal or a content deal or a hybrid deal.

But ultimately our goal at Google is to have the strongest advertising network and all the world's information, that's part of our mission.

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