Google Checkout pitch: '1000 dollars in AdWords for 10,000 in free processing'

Google Checkout did not garner much buzz at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose this week.

Google Checkout did not garner much buzz at the Search Engine Strategies Conference (SES) in San Jose this week.

The “Meet The Search Ad Networks” panel was designed for “representatives from major search engines that sell paid listings and other search advertising to discuss new aspects to their programs.”

Google’s presentation, by Emily White, Online Sales and Operations Director, focused on enhancements to the Google AdWords program, such as “Starter Edition,” but Google Checkout was not mentioned.

The panel also included an extensive Q & A session and Google AdWords customers inquired about many Google features, but Google Checkout was not discussed.

Given that Google launched Checkout only six weeks ago, with much fanfare, and that the product is designed to boost AdWords sales, it is surprising that Google Checkout had such a low profile at the SES conference.

At launch last June 29, Google touted Checkout’s synergies with AdWords:

More Sales, Lower Costs for Merchants

Google Checkout…works with Google's advertising program, AdWords, so merchants can attract more customers and increase sales. The Google Checkout icon on AdWords advertisements makes it easier for shoppers to find Google Checkout stores when they search. Once shoppers buy with Google Checkout, AdWords advertisers can also process all or a portion of their sales for free. For every $1 merchants spend on AdWords, they can process $10 in sales through Google Checkout at no charge.

Google entices merchants using Checkout to boost their AdWords spend via a visual “Free transaction processing” account tool with a “jackpot” type feel to it:


Google says:

Here's how free transaction processing works:

Assume a Google Checkout merchant spends $1,000 on AdWords in the month of April. In the month of May, the merchant would then be able to process sales up to 10 times their AdWords spend for free, which in this case is $10,000.



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