Google Chrome is insanely fast ... faster than Firefox 3.0

Google Chrome is fast ... insanely fast ... faster than Firefox 3.0.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Google Chrome is fast ... insanely fast ... faster than Firefox 3.0.

Here's Chrome vs. Firefox 3.0.1 vs IE7 vs. IE8b2 in a head-to-head shootout running the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark.

Google Chrome tops SunSpider JavaScript benchmark

Here Google Chrome completed the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark in a average of 1,791 milliseconds, nearly half the time that Firefox 3.0.1 took to complete the test. In this test Google Chrome absolutely blows away IE.


Let's see how the browsers compare to each other when tested using the V8 benchmark suite. This suite carried out five tests:

  • Richards OS kernel simulation benchmark, originally written in BCPL by Martin Richards (539 lines).
  • DeltaBlue One-way constraint solver, originally written in Smalltalk by John Maloney and Mario Wolczko (880 lines).
  • Crypto Encryption and decryption benchmark based on code by Tom Wu (1689 lines).
  • RayTrace Ray tracer benchmark based on code by Adam Burmister (3418 lines).
  • EarleyBoyer Classic Scheme benchmarks, translated to JavaScript by Florian Loitsch's Scheme2Js compiler (4682 lines).

With this benchmark, the higher the score, the better ...


As you can see, Google Chrome savagely beats all the opposition running the V8 benchmark suite a whopping ten times faster than Firefox 3.0.

Google Chrome certainly has delivered on the speed it promised, and so far testing indicates that the browser is very robust - over the past few hours I've been hammering it very hard and I've yet to have a crash.

Here's a single Google Chrome Window with 70+ tabs open and the browser is still nice and responsive and there's not even a hint that it's struggling under the weight of the open tabs.

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