Google Chromebooks finally go on sale: Available 15th June

Chromebooks are now available for pre-order; shipping begins on the 15th June, and pricing has been announced, too.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Google Chromebooks have finally gone on sale at Best Buy and Amazon. Available for pre-order in the United States at this stage only, the devices will start shipping from the 15th June; just under a week's time.

Google tweeted a couple of hours ago:

"Nothing but the web: Samsung & Acer  #Chromebooks now available for pre-order from  @Amazon and @BestBuy in the US http://t.co/LpY0jWU"

Since 2009 when the slimmed-down laptops were first announced, many have waited for this day. Google tempted testers and developers with the Cr-48 prototype notebook, but since bowed out to more powerful hardware provided by Acer and Samsung.

There are half a dozen new Chromebooks available, and prices range from $379.99 through to $499.99.


I for one, however, will not be buying one. Whether these devices are truly compatible with student -- at seemingly such a steep price for little desire from either the hardware specifications or the 'nothing but the web' appeal, only time will tell.

Students, however, will be able to buy a Chromebook for $20 per month. Nevertheless, it is a relatively sweet deal for those in education; roughly equating to $180 throughout the academic year.

A Google spokesperson told me today that though Chromebooks will be launching in six European countries including the United Kingdom, "pricing has not been announced yet" for these regions.

The $20 a month price also includes a web console, updates, warranty and replacements, as well as support for central administrators.

Though Chrome OS will be largely cloud-dependent, the devices will have 3G access and offline functionality. 'Offline mode' allows users to work on Docs, Gmail and Calendar and other applications while working whilst disconnected from the web.

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