Google Cloud and Salesforce partner to help improve customer experience with AI

The two companies are coming together to analyze data with AI and help businesses create ads customers probably want to see.
Written by Artie Beaty, Contributing Writer
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AI seems to be revolutionizing nearly every industry, and now two major players in the advertising world are coming together to utilize AI even more.

In a new partnership announced this week between Google Cloud and Salesforce, the two companies promise to harness the power of AI to help businesses more fully understand their customers, in turn letting these businesses provide a better advertising experience.

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Most businesses today try to use customer data when making decisions, but for a lot of companies, that data is either too complex to understand or in too many different sources to be easily accessed. 

That's where this partnership comes in.

The agreement brings two main initiatives. In the first part, Salesforce and Google Cloud will take customer data that already exists across multiple platforms and streamline it into a central location, a single unified customer profile of sorts. This would allow companies to run more effective (and cheaper) advertising campaigns. 

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Instead of moving data between platforms -- something that takes time and money, as well as poses security risks --  companies will be able to locate data in a single space. 

The second part of the initiative, the companies say, involves generative AI. Using AI, data will be converted into digestible information, but then that information will be used to predict what a customer might want or need next. 

With these new tools, a company could more accurately predict new products you may find interesting or even estimate how likely you are to continue doing business with them.

In short, existing data is analyzed to create ads you probably want to see -- and companies will have an easier time figuring that out. 

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The partnership offers a variety of tools and services, including Salesforce's Data Cloud, along with Google's Vertex AI and its BigQuery.

The integration is expected to begin a pilot stage in mid-2023 and be fully functional by the end of 2023.

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