Google Cloud IoT Core lands NXP support

Google Cloud IoT Core bundles a series of technologies into a managed service for smart city deployments. NXP, which has chips in the field in many smart cities, is on board.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google launched its Google Cloud IoT core, a managed service for smart city and broader enterprise deployments, and NXP Semiconductor said it will support it in its Android Things platform.

The pairing of NXP and Google Cloud Platform to target smart city and enterprise deployments such as utilities, transportation and oil and gas rhymes with what the two companies are doing with smart home devices. The goal is to embed Android Things everywhere.

The gist is that NXP and Google Cloud Platform want to manage city devices to adjust traffic lights based on patterns and monitored various vitals while scaling various technologies like machine learning, Tensorflow, and IoT management. A logistics company could stage assets and a utility could manage energy usage.

Google Cloud IoT Core includes services like Pub/Sub, Dataflow, Bigtable, BigQuery, and Data Studio to collect, process and analyze IoT data as well as security, serverless infrastructure and automatic device deployment.

According to NXP and Google, their partnership should be able to break down data silos in the enterprise.

NXP's Android Things platform includes an i.MX applications processor, developer tools, and certified Android Things hardware.

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