Google Cloud rolls out new qualification for "Anthos Ready" storage

The first set of partners to meet the new qualifications for Anthos on-premise are Dell EMC, HP Enterprise, NetApp, Portworx, Pure Storage and Robin.io.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Google Cloud, on Tuesday announced a new certification for storage solutions that are designed to run optimally with Anthos on-premises. Launched last year, Anthos is a platform for managing applications on premise or in any cloud environment. 

To achieve "Anthos Ready Storage" qualification, storage vendors have to meet a core set of requirements. According to Google's blost post, those requirements are:

  • Demonstrated core Kubernetes functionality including dynamic provisioning of volumes via open and portable Kubernetes-native storage APIs. 
  • A proven ability to automatically manage storage across cluster scale-up and scale-down scenarios.
  • A simplified deployment experience following Kubernetes practices.

So far, six vendors have qualified: Dell EMC, HP Enterprise, NetApp, Portworx, Pure Storage, and Robin.io. 

Anthos is based on GKE, Google's managed Kubernetes service. Storage, wrote Google Cloud's Rayn Veerubhotla and Manu Batra, is "a key consideration as organizations look to manage their data across hybrid or multi-cloud deployments in containerized environments."

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