Google defends capitalism: $10 billion AdWords biz

Google Defends Capitalism: $10 billion AdWords Business
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor
Has Google been reading my blog? 

I often dissect how the Google fair-use, DMCA, no need for us to pay for content business model is contrary to the tennants of  “U.S. capitalism.” 

Google affirms now it IS a firm believer in “our capitalist system,” when its AdWords revenues are at risk! 

Google is lashing out at the sate of Utah because a new state law “Trademark Protection Act” is set to take effect June 30, according to Salt Lake Tribune reports:

From that point on, companies that register trademarks in Utah will be protected from competitors seeking to buy the right to key off of those brands. For example, if you type Overstock.com into Google's search engine, you will get sponsored links to SmartBargains.com, Buy.com and webspawner.com. Under the new law, Overstock could sue the search engine and the competitor if such ads show up in Utah-based Internet searches.

Rep. David Clark, R-Santa Clara, House sponsor of the law, said it "places Utah in the front of the pack of U.S. states in trademark protection - but not over the edge."

Google spokesman Adam Kovacevich is cited:

This law hurts consumers, violates free speech, and is inconsistent with both established U.S. trademark law and our capitalist system.

Kovacevich neglects to mention his Google ire stems from a fear of losing AdWords business. 

Google can always rally support from its AdWords are a constitutional right ally, the Electonic Frontier Foundation: Google: EFF defends right to sell AdWords.


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