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Google Desktop for the Mac plus Google Rules: Google News and Views
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

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Google, the Desktop and Privacy, Benlog, April 6

Google just released Google Desktop for Mac, and that got me thinking again about the Google and Privacy issue...Microsoft might have an interesting privacy advantage, because your data lives on your computer, and their software doesn’t need to send much info to the mothership. By comparison, Google usually stores all of your data on their servers, and there are big privacy implications about what they do with this data voluntarily, what happens if they leak it accidentally...

it’s not a pretty picture: Google’s software is injected into every desktop application you run, and it’s not clear what happens then to your private data: is the index sent to Google’s servers? Google needs to seriously clarify why they’re doing this, what they’ll do with your data, and what precautions they’re taking to safeguard it...

Google Rules My World, GHBlog, April 6

This morning I woke to intense memories in Yosemite, just after high school in 1984...my favorite activities were camping and skiing, and the word Google, at the time, probably would have mad me laugh out loud.

Now I can't live without it. Here's how securely Google is embedded into my world...

I've been working so hard behind this computer, for so long, that I did this to myself...

Google Desktop Uninstalled, WebMink, April 7

I was excited to see Google Desktop available for the Mac. Well, I installed it on Thursday. I just uninstalled it. The reason? It took over my machine, for almost 36 hours. It runs an indexing task which consumes all the available CPU and which can't be paused or stopped.
I had no idea how much longer it was going to carry on jamming the machine for and I wanted my Mac back, so Google Desktop is gone. It's not coming back until I know the indexer has learned a little respect.

My New Office..., edparsons.com, April 4

You may have picked up on the rumors that I have a new job, well it’s true!!

This week I joined Google as the Geospatial Technologist for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and to say I am excited would be somewhat of an understatement.

Google (and yes Microsoft and Yahoo as well) have had a massive positive impact on the traditional GI industry and are developing truly innovative ways of distributing and exploiting geographic information - and there is still much more to come!...


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