Google Docs previews collaborative presentations, new features

Google Docs is stepping up with a preview of its new version of presentations with faster collaboration and more features.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Google is aiming to put a new spin on the traditional digital presentation format (i.e. Powerpoint), and integrating a theme core to Google as well as on the minds of most businesses: collaboration.

This will be seen via Google Docs as the Goog is previewing a new version of presentations with faster collaboration and more features. This comes nearly a year and a half after Google originally revamped its drawing, spreadsheet, and document editor. Since then, Google Docs has picked up over 60 new features, as well as a new interface that has spread throughout the Google Apps suite.

Google software engineer Steven Saviano explained poetically on the official Google Docs blog:

Presentations are made to be shared—whether it’s presenting your thesis to your professors or inspiring colleagues at a conference. And the best presentations are made together, collaborating with others to build a compelling story that captivates your audience.

This preview will tote along 50 more new functions dedicated to creating presentations, including transitions, "spicier" 3D effects, animations, flowcharts, richer tables, and new design looks.

But as far as the collaboration goes, the new presentations editor will allow users to see exactly what others are working on, be able to edit files with team members simulaneously from different locations, and see a revision history. Google has also integrated Google Chat for real-time conversations and discussions.

Google hasn't released a specific launch timeline for presentation features, except that they'll be "gradually rolling out." For now, users can create basic presentations within the document editor.

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