Google Enterprise narrows goals to cloud, mobile and social

Predictably, Google is focusing its resources on cloud, mobile and social technologies to serve enterprise customers better in 2012.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Some people make new year's resolutions, while others make goals. Falling into the latter category, Google's Enterprise department list reads like a draft of everyone's list for 2011 but with more fine tuning.

With a focus on Google Apps, these goals can be narrowed down to three categories: cloud, mobile and social.

These three categories are most certainly going to be the focus for many corporations in 2012 (and beyond), so they don't seem that revolutionary, but that doesn't make them any less notable.

Thus, here's how the cloud, mobile and social technologies and trends will change the face of the following Google products, as explained by Google Enterprise president Amit Singh.

Cloud: We'll see more solutions integrated into the Apps suite (i.e. Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.), and the Goog is going to invest more in its own cloud for enabling customers to "to build scalable web apps and draw trends from huge amounts of data to make better informed decisions."

Mobile: This goal seems to fall somewhere in between social and cloud priorities, relying more on integration and improvements more than anything else.

There's no mention of the proposed Motorola Mobility acquisition here, and that will likely factor in more for the Android and consumer product teams, but perhaps we'll see something enterprise-related here later...if the deal is approved.

Nevertheless, we'll see tie-ins with the cloud here as well as some improvements on mobile apps we already know, such as the Gmail for iOS app as well as Docs for Android devices.

Social: We've already seen evidence for initiatives here as Google+ crept onto Google Apps for Business accounts, and Google+ will continue to play a strong role in Google's overall Enterprise apps strategy with regular updates and new features for promoting collaboration.


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