Google faces probe over child privacy violations in Brazil

The country's Ministry of Justice argues the firm is collecting data belonging to underage users for targeted ads.
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

Google is being investigated in Brazil over the potential collection of data belonging to children and teenagers for the purposes of targeted advertising.

According to the consumer rights department under the country's Ministry of Justice, Senacom, the web giant is supposedly collecting data from underage users such as location, the type of device used as well as phone numbers.

Google did not respond to ZDNet's requests for comment.

The company had already been notified by Senacom in August over other potential occurrences of privacy breaches relating to user location data. The investigation is still ongoing.

Last week, the US Federal Trade Commission announced it would fine Google in $170 million following an investigation into YouTube over alleged children's privacy law violations.

In Europe, the makers of Google Chrome rival browser Brave claimed the web giant is leaking personal information to advertisers and violating EU privacy laws around data control and transparency.

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