Google+ gets game: Now Facebook assault really begins

Google+ gets games and is hoping developers flock to its platform so it can compete better with Facebook.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google+ has gotten off to a strong start with more than 25 million users in just a few weeks, but before the search giant could really take on Facebook it needed games. Now the company has a few games in its quiver.

In a blog post, Google said that it is adding games to Google+. The initial batch of games includes Angry Birds, Diamond Dash and Zynga Poker. Google said it will allow users to choose whether to share game results and activities and hide them as well. The general idea is that you can engage in some chest thumping if necessary.

To be a social player, Google+ has to be well versed in games. Let's face it: Much of the time spent on Facebook revolves around playing games. There's a good reason that Zynga and Facebook are so connected at the hip in this quasi co-dependent relationship.

From a developer perspective, Google+ is open to taking on more games and that means a new revenue stream. Google called for game developers on its Google+ blog.

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