Google launches broadband site; still reviewing proposals for fiber project

Google, which received thousands of inquiries from people longing for better and faster Internet connectivity, has launched a community website to keep people informed about the efforts to improve it in the US.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

When Google announced back in February plans to build experimental ultra-high speed networks in communities across the U.S., the response was big. Communities across the nation responded by submitting proposals - and Google said today that the number of official proposals reached nearly 1,100.

More importantly, the company received responses from 200,000 individuals and the message was clear: they want better and faster Internet access.

No, Google still hasn't named the cities where it will build these networks. But in the meantime, the company has launched a website called Google Fiber for Communities, where people can learn more about the efforts to improve broadband, including Google's own project, and chime in on what's happening at the local and federal levels to improve it.

There are plenty of people who are passionate about broadband services in this country, especially those who have traveled abroad and know how much further along other countries are. With that said, Google may not be rolling out super fast networks yet - but giving users a forum to keep up to date on the efforts is a nice service.

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