Google makes Connected Sheets generally available for G Suite users

Google is also adding new, AI-driven features to Sheets to automate data preparation and analysis.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Google on Tuesday made Connected Sheets generally available for G Suite users, giving them the ability to work with huge datasets within Google Sheets. The company also announced new, upcoming intelligent features for Sheets. 

First announced about a year ago, G Suite's Connected Sheets lets users connect Sheets with a BigQuery data warehouse, so they can analyze billions of rows or petabytes of data without SQL scripts. Users can leverage familiar Sheets tools like pivot tables, charts, and formulas to analyze large data sets. 

Meanwhile, later this year, Google is adding more AI to Sheets with new features like Sheets Smart Fill. The new feature can detect patterns between columns to autocomplete data entry. For instance, a user could start with a column of full names and begin typing just the first names into a second column. With Smart Fill, Sheets will detect the pattern and fill in the rest of the column. 

Google will also introduce Sheets Smart Cleanup to help users keep their data consistent and error-free. When data is imported, Sheets will offer up suggestions like eliminating duplicate rows or resolving number-formatting issues. The feature will also provide column stats, such as the most frequent value in a column. 

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