Google Maps adds a new low-code tool

Google Quick Builders promises a unique interface with "just a few clicks".
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer on

Google is adding a 'low-code' location-based tool to the Google Maps Platform with a new service called Quick Builder. 

Quick Builder adds a new thread to Google's low-code or no-code story, which is headed up by its recently acquired AppSheet platform that integrates with Gmail and Workspace apps

Utilizing Google Maps, Quick Builder is a desktop tool that helps businesses discover and deploy recommended application programming interfaces (APIs) for mapping and location-based solutions in various sectors, from retail to e-commerce and travel. It lowers the bar for businesses that want to use the Google Maps Platform to build location-based solutions. Other businesses like ArgosDunzo, and Redfin have built custom location-based solutions from scratch on the Google Maps Platform.

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It's one more tool in the growing low-code market, aimed at non-developers, such as business analysts with some technical skill. Solutions in the category from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Appian, Salesforce and others promise to cut testing-to-production times with visual rather than code-based programming tools. 

Google's tool allows firms to create personalized, production-ready code and deploy to a production environment quicker, according to Matt Brightman, a Google Maps Platform product manager in a blogpost

The tech giant is kicking off the service with a library of three low-code templates called Locator Plus, Address Selection, and Neighborhood Discovery. The templates are available in the Google Maps Platform section of the Google Cloud Console.  

Locator Plus helps users find a business' physical locations on a map and offer details like hours of operation, services available, user reviews and photos. It's aimed at retailers. 

Address Selection is an autocomplete function for filling out forms online powered by Google's Place Autocomplete API, which aims to speed up checkout and boost conversion. It can rapidly suggest accurate, well-formatted addresses, according to Google.  

Neighborhood Discovery is for real estate or travel companies and lets users see what's in a neighborhood, such as proximity to work, a restaurant or coffee shop. It provides users with a tailored set of recommended amenities and attractions. 

Quick Builders is a subscription-based low-code service, with monthly fees depending on what APIs are used and how many requests or calls the APIs receive. There are different rates and APIs for Maps, Routes, and Places. Google offers an API picker page to help users understand the most relevant APIs they can use for their purposes.

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