Google Cloud's Business Application Platform aims to court citizen, business developers with no-code approach

The end game for Google Cloud is to cultivate citizen and business line developers in enterprises.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google Cloud Platform is launching its Business Application Platform, which couples API management with no-code application development, automation and analytics.

The end game for Google Cloud is to cultivate citizen and business line developers in enterprises.

According to Google Cloud, the Business Application Platform builds on its Apigee API management and AppSheet no-code tools. Google Cloud said it will be adding features for multi-cloud architecture, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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The launch is being outlined at Google Cloud NextOnAir, its virtual conference. "Our focus is to add no code with a lot of enterprise capabilities," said Amit Zavery, head of platform at Google Cloud, who added that API connections and managed services will enable both technical and line of business developers. 


Along with the Business Application Platform, Google Cloud launched the beta of the API Gateway, a managed offering to build and monitor APIs for its workloads and serverless workloads. Google Cloud also said Apigee Data Source for AppSheet is now generally available. In addition, AppSheet Automation, which allows non-technical users to automate processors, is in early access release.

For Google Cloud, tools to manage serverless APIs via its API Gateway are a way to connect developers to its broader offerings including Compute Engine, GKE, App Engines and Cloud Functions and Cloud Run. The hybrid and multi-cloud architecture will give Google Cloud's API platform more heft.


The big picture for Google Cloud is to use its AI and machine learning knowhow as well as automation and developer tools to enable enterprises more easily connect apps and build workflows.

For instance, Data Source for AppSheet will support multiple data sources such as G Suite, mySQL and Salesforce. The idea is that employees will be able to build apps and use Apigee APIs without code.


Zavery added that Google Cloud is evolving its API platform to speed up digital transformation projects. Pricing will be consumption based and tiered.

Add it up and Google Cloud is looking to leapfrog low code offerings and roll out no-code tools in one package to target line of business as well as core developers.  

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