Google Maps for Android integrates Google Calendar events

Next time you need to navigate to your next meeting, just open the Google Maps app.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

Google announced on Friday the integration of Google Calendar events into Google Maps for Android, thanks to an update starting to rollout worldwide on Google Play.

Now, when you leave for a meeting, you will no longer have to open the Google Calendar app for the address attached to the event. An "Upcoming" tab within the Google Maps "Your places" section will list events pulled directly from Calendar.

"With your Google Calendar events on the map, now you've got one more way to personalize and make the most of your Google Maps experience," wrote Zach Maier, product manager at Google Maps, in a blog post.

The update also adds labeling for saved locations and Google Contacts integration to navigate to your friends house by searching for their name -- as long as their address is saved under Google Contacts.

Earlier this week, Google added a new series of voice commands to Google Maps for Android, allowing drivers to use voice commands and ask questions without having to pickup their handsets.

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