You can soon control Google's Nest thermostat, cameras, and doorbells through Samsung's SmartThings app

Google's Nest product lineup is now Works With SmartThing certified, putting the products in Samsung's home automation ecosystem for the first time.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer
Image: Samsung

If you've messed with any smart home devices, you certainly know how quickly it becomes a hassle when you try to add more devices that are made by another vendor. Trying to live inside one ecosystem for home automation is nearly impossible, and that's where platforms like Apple's HomeKit or Samsung SmartThings try to bring everything together. 

Announced on Tuesday, you'll soon be able to add any of Google's Nest product line, which includes cameras, a doorbell and several thermostats, to Samsung's SmartThings platform. The announcement was made by Samsung, listing Nest products as "Works With SmartThings" (WWST) certified. The integration will roll out next month, in January 2021. 

SmartThings is a preinstalled app on Samsung's Galaxy devices and is also available in the Play Store for non-Samsung Android phones as well as the App Store for Apple products

The new integration will allow Nest users to control their products via the SmartThings app, as well as view live video streams from the doorbell or security cameras, as well as use the smart home accessories to create home automations or scenes. 

Nest joins over 180 certified brands that work with SmartThings, and the 63 million active users, according to Samsung.

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